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What is the Wooden Boat Convention and Expo and who attends?

The Wooden Boat Convention and Expo is a collaboration between the Antique Boat Industry and Antique Boat America. It is designed to be a gathering of people who share a passion in the hobby of Antique and Classic boats.

The conference will be focused on an educational component with a sharing of all aspects of the hobby as well as providing an ideal environment for networking and collaboration.

Who is organizing this show, anyway?

The Convention and expo is organized and sponsored by Antique Boat America and is open to all those interested in the Antique and Classic Boat hobby.

Antique Boat America will be responsible for the coordination of the event. They secure the speakers, provide direction, feedback and advice.

Why is the event being held in Kingston?

The city of Kingston has been selected as a result of their proximity to the Border to allow everyone easy access to the area. Secondly it will allow us to explore for the first time in an educational forum, the many Canadian boat builders who helped shape this hobby with their unique skills and craftsmanship.

The 1000 Islands area is rich in its history of wooden boating and today is home to many wooden boat restorers, the National Headquarters of the ACBS, the Antique Boat Museum and Antique Boat America. It is also home to the Maritime Museum and the Pump and Steam Museum specifically in Kingston, Ontario.

The area spawned numerous local boat builders and was home to the country’s largest dealerships the 1930’s.

The area is very close to the 1000 Islands and is the perfect backdrop for this congregation of Antique and Classic boat lovers. The host facilities which are the Maritime Museum and Steam Museum in Kingston, Ontario are not normally open during the month of April but have elected to open their doors and allow us the first opportunity to see the new exhibits for season.

How do I register for the event, reserve exhibit space or explore being a sponsor at the event.

To register or explore sponsorship opportunities available, you need only visit or call us directly at 315-783-6100

To showcase your product or service in front of this one of a kind audience or to gain maximum exposure through a sponsorship, please email or by calling 1-800-675-4089

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